Container being held by a crane


In most cases, Containerships will weigh every single box before it is loaded on our vessel. This is to ensure your peace of mind that you are complying with this legislation as a shipper. If you choose not to use this service and prefer instead to weigh your own container and cargo, you can use our online VGM service to submit this data yourself.

What if I want to weigh my own boxes and supply my own VGM?

This is entirely your right to do so, however, you need to keep in mind that Containerships will publish cut off times and dates for receipt of your declaration. If your VGM is received after this cut off your container will not be shipped. In addition, interpretation of the rules may vary between each signatory state, and any cost incurred by Containerships as a result of non-compliance will be for the shipper’s account.

How do I send my VGM to Containerships?

You can submit your VGM to us using our VGM system or by submitting the VGM form to us found below.

How do I get the Tare Weight?

If you want to submit your own VGM you will need your Tare Weight. If you are using a Containerships container, then Containerships will provide you with the Tare Weight of your container. The Tare Weight can also be found on the CSC plate mounted on the container itself.