Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do and our multimodal offering ensures that we move cargo across Europe in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Extensive use of LNG and biofuel across our fleet helps to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our customers' activities. In addition, in partnership with our parent company CMA CGM Group, we offer a range of services enabling shipment of cargo net carbon neutral.

Sustainability in Focus

Containerships focuses on sustainability and innovation at every stage of the supply chain. We offer fully eco-friendly multimodal supply chains for our customers.


Containerships is the first European operator to use LNG as the main fuel source throughout the end-to-end service including sea and land transportation. 

Containerships has four LNG-fuelled vessels in operational use within northern Europe with Rotterdam as our main bunkering port. In 2021, Containerships received 2 more LNG vessels. Totalling 6 LNG vessels in our fleet: Arctic, Aurora, Borealis, Nord, Polar and Stellar. By the end of 2023 and early 2024 we will receive 10 more LNG vessels. 

LNG significantly reduces the environmental impacts of transportation operations. New LNG-fuelled vessels have better operational efficiency compared to traditional vessels and give additional benefits related to environmental impacts. The use of LNG represents a real technological breakthrough which allows for up to 99% less sulphur and fine particles emissions, 85% less nitrogen oxides emissions and 25% less CO2 emissions as compared to heavy fuel oil.

Because our core business is serving our customers across the whole door-to-door supply chain, our sustainability strategy takes into account the whole journey on sea and land.

In addition, Containerships operates 27 LNG trucks and promotes the use of biofuel alternatives.

Having recently signed a carbon offsetting agreement, we can further compensate for those emissions that we are unable to reduce by direct measures.

Door2LNG: A common project with major ports

Visit our Door2LNG page and discover how Containerships initiated and coordinated a joint project with major ports and the EU to upgrade the environmental performance of the maritime short sea shipping links in northern Europe.

Rail: A key element of our sustainable product

We are an extensive user of rail transport across Europe on a spot and contracted basis. Contract rail is specifically deployed in Spain, Poland, and the UK, where we operate dedicated and non-dedicated rail services.

Complementary to our LNG-powered vessels, rail services allow our customers to benefit from a notable reduction on their carbon footprint and effectively reduce their contribution to global warming. Highly motivated to continue on the more sustainable road, Containerships promotes the use of alternative non-fossil fuels as part of the company’s fuel strategy for the future.

CMA CGM Group Sustainability Strategy

Rodolphe Saadé has made sustainable development and employee development core parts of CMA CGM’s strategy. A new priority that addresses the Group's mission: contributing to sustainable globalisation. 

The CMA CGM Group’s mission is to contribute to sustainable globalisation through better balanced economic trade that fosters both economic and social development while respecting the integrity of all men and women and the planet.


The CMA CGM Group has built its success on strong people-friendly values. The promotion of equality, diversity, and a culture of safety guides our initiatives with our staff members and with all our stakeholders.

As part of our major commitments, we are raising the ratio of women in management, doubling the number of training days annually, and offering healthcare to all our land-based and seafaring staff members.


In the face of major environmental challenges, the CMA CGM Group is resolutely pursuing its ecological transition. We have made concrete, pioneering decisions to mitigate the impact of our business activities on the climate, air quality, and biodiversity.


The CMA CGM Group is committed to promoting responsible international trade through strict compliance with existing laws and regulations and by encouraging its suppliers and customers to follow its lead and to adopt best practices.

Learn more about the Group sustainability policy below.