Your Cargo

Cargo can come in all shapes and sizes so it’s comforting to know that Containerships has one of the widest selection of containers available to support you with your transportation needs. Whether your cargo is standard, boxed, palletised, refrigerated, out of gauge, liquid, or other, we have a solution that fits. Our range of containers is one of the youngest on the market and we’re getting new containers all the time. If there’s a shipment we can’t transport, we’ve yet to see it.

  • Refrigerated Cargo banner

    Refrigerated Cargo

    Refrigerated containers protect and preserve the condition of your fresh produce and frozen foods whilst they’re in transit. Containerships has one of the largest and youngest fleet of ‘Reefer’ containers in Europe which makes us the ideal partner to transport your perishable produce and ensure it stays in the optimal environment throughout the door-to-door journey.

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    Dry Cargo

    Dry cargo containers are ideal for goods that don't need to be specifically temperature controlled and come in several forms suitable for a variety of applications. The standard container is the most common and comes in various sizes. Another dry cargo variant is the Open Top for goods that cannot be contained within the height of a standard container, such as heavy industry goods. Find the ideal container for your dry cargo.

  • Project cargo

    Project Cargo

    When cargo is too tall, too long, or an unconventional shape, we call it project cargo. Typically, project cargo doesn’t fit inside the standard container dimensions and requires something with more flexibility to allow for an unusual shape or abnormal length. Fortunately, Containerships has just such a product that can fold flat, carry up to 45-tonnes, and permits uniquely shaped items.

  • MakeTheSwitch – Palletised Cargo_banner

    MakeTheSwitch – Palletised Cargo

    A container that can carry the magical number of 33 Euro pallets AND be shipped by road, rail or sea? That’ll be the 45-foot container. There is a common misconception that only trucks have the capacity for 33 Euro pallets but our huge range of 45-foot containers prove that this is just a myth. With equal capacity to a standard truck trailer and the ability to be shipped intermodally on rail and sea too, these containers are the ultimate solution to your shipping needs, allowing your cargo to take the most efficient, environmentally friendly route from door to door. So why not book on one of our vessels and #MakeTheSwitch!