With door-to-door shipping across Europe and Morocco on dedicated rail and sea routes, plus truck services for the first and last miles, there’s a solution for your business at Containerships. Short sea shipping is a key part of what we do, ensuring reliable delivery times and the most environmentally friendly way to ship your cargo. Our routes cover the whole of Europe from Morocco and the Canary Islands up to the Baltics. We also operate dedicated rail services in a number of countries which add even greater efficiencies. Shipping with our multimodal services can reduce the carbon footprint of your cargo by more than 50%.

  • Sea Routes

    Sea Routes

    Our short sea services reach from the Canary Islands across Europe and the Baltics, providing the most comprehensive service in the region. With more than 21 short sea services available across Europe, and new services being added on a frequent basis to take advantage of new opportunities and demand, SSL Intra NEUR has a service that’s right for you. Our offering in the Baltic region is unrivalled and makes extensive use of LNG-powered vessels, whilst our Spanish services are second to none for frequency, capacity and reliability.

  • Sailing schedule_banner

    Sailing schedule

    Our optimised sailing schedule aims to provide a flexible service that fits your business requirements, moving your cargo at a time that suits you and arriving at its destination when its most needed. With short transit times and multiple sailings, our sailing schedule is designed to fit around the expectations of our customers.

  • Rail Schedule_banner

    Rail Schedule

    Rail is the third pillar in our multimodal offering alongside road and sea. It plays a vital part in our portfolio for the efficiency with which it moves large amounts of cargo across land. Our extensive rail services run all across Europe and are an excellent median transportation method where cargo travels from deep inland before sailing from the coast. Train lines often go direct to the quay enabling trucks to be put to better use completing shorter journeys.