Our multimodal transport solutions connect North-western Europe, the Baltics and Russia with the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands and Morocco. We offer a wide variety of tailor-made services including secure warehousing and storage, re-handling of cargo units, labelling and re-packing as well as customs clearance. We combine multiple modes of transportation with innovative logistics services to provide reliable, secure and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

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Short sea services

We specialise in 40’/45’ pallet wide high cube containers and offer a wide range of fully multimodal containers, offering you a safe and flexible mode of transport. We can optimise the delivery time according to your requirements. Our operations are highly efficient, and the optimised routing of vessels make our logistics a sustainable choice.

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Road services

Our fleet of trucks and carefully selected local partners ensure fast and international transport services from Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltics, and North Africa. We focus on using multimodal transport to deliver your cargo efficiently from door to door utilising our modern and dedicated fleet (container trucks, trailers, Tautliners, Frigo trailers, specialist vehicles) equipped with GPS tracking for additional security and to report status at any time. We currently use approximately 60 LNG-fuelled trucks are throughout Europe including Finland and The Netherlands.

Rail network

Containerships currently operate between 60 and 70 block trains per week through the main Spanish corridors. This service provides multimodal transport to the main distribution centres of the Peninsula, via the ports of Bilbao and Seville. The other routes include:

  • Scandinavia rail network: Weekly departures from Helsingborg Port connecting Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Gävle, Norrköping, Uddevalla, Västerås and Hallsberg
  • French rail network: CMA CGM France Inland Network offers its customers inland solutions available
  • Belarus – Klaipeda Service: Several weekly departures providing fast lead time with no queues at the border. Possibility to accommodate higher payload in comparison to road transport
  • Poland rail service: Up to 6 weekly connections between Gdynia and inland rail terminals via dedicated Containerships trains, as well as utilisation of various commercially available rail connections in Poland, ensuring broad and frequent connections
  • Ukraine – Klaipeda service: 150 leased railway platforms dedicated to Containerships.

Additional rail services:

  • Italy to Rotterdam and to Lubeck,
  • Teesport to Doncaster and to Scotland,
  • St. Petersburg to Moscow.

We specialise in 40’/45’ pallet wide high cube containers ensuring that we offer the same cubic capacity as trailers.

In addition to conventional containers (standards, reefers, platform, open-top, open side), Containerships also offers specialised containers adapted to specific goods: ‘Autotainers’ for the transportation of vehicles and ‘GOH containers’ for the transport of garments on hangers. Our containers are suitable for multimodal transport and can be seamlessly transferred from ship to rail, barge or truck.

All our containers meet ISO standards 668, 1496-1 and 6346, C.S.C. criteria (Convention for Safe Containers), T.I.R. criteria (Customs Convention for the Road Transport of Goods) and U.I.C. criteria (International Union of Railway). Containers are monitored and maintained by our global team of experts who ensure our units meet these standards as well as the requirements of Containerships to ensure a constant level of quality and customer satisfaction.

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We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses with cold chambers working at -25C. What’s more, our handling systems are able to process continuous high volume flows, ranging from bulk pallet loads of single products down to individual items. With our expertise in the retail market, we are capable of multiple outbound pallet configurations for the varying specifications of different retailers.

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Our new added value service: SERENITY. Going beyond the usual practices within the shipping industry, SERENITY is a new approach to container shipping, making it simple, seamless, and efficient. It’s about caring for your needs beyond the shipping service.

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