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They’re in our name and they’re in our DNA, so it’s no surprise that ships make up a huge part of our multimodal transport offer.

We believe passionately in the benefits of moving cargo with vessels, benefits which include huge CO2 savings compared to shipping with trucks alone, no congestion on the sea, and reliable delivery times. Our extensive network of routes extends from Morocco and the Canary Islands all the way to the Baltics, so if you’re moving cargo in Europe, we’ve got you covered.

Short Sea Services

With around 30 routes covering the main coastal ports across Europe and Morocco, our short sea services provide the most comprehensive coverage in the region. Whether it’s fruit from Spain, whisky from Scotland, or timber from Finland, we operate a route by sea that can move them to their final destination. We combine our outstanding short sea services with an extensive land services operation of trains and trucks to keep cargo moving across Europe from door to door, even in remote locations.

A Smarter Choice

Moving cargo via the motorways of the sea brings numerous benefits compared to using trucks alone. Customers increasingly expect better sustainability in the lifecycle of their goods, our roads are increasingly congested with vehicles, and harsh winters can have a halting effect on road transportation. By shipping your cargo with Containerships’ short sea services, you can ease all these concerns.

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    Better for the Environment

    By shipping hundreds of containers at a time by ship, CO2 emissions can be cut by more than 50% compared to using trucks alone.

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    Ready for All Seasons

    Our ice-class vessels are ready and available throughout the winter, no matter how cold it gets in the Baltic region.

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    On the motorways of the sea, our vessels sail freely to their destination with no congestion, no jams, no wasted energy.

Leaders in LNG

Moving containers via short sea vessels is demonstrably less harmful to the environment than shipping cargo by trucks alone, however our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. Containerships was the first European short sea operator to implement an LNG-powered vessel on our routes and since then we have added a further three more, with two more arriving in the first half of 2021, taking our LNG fleet to six vessels. LNG-powered vessels boast significantly reduced emissions compared to standard vessels making them the ideal choice for eco-conscious customers.

Routes From Morocco and Canary Islands to the Baltics

For a complete overview of our short sea services, check out our Sea Routes page which provides details on each route we operate and associated schedules.