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SERENITY Cargo Value Guarantee

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Accidents happen, and in the event of something happening to your cargo it's good to know that the full value of your cargo is covered no matter what happens or who is at fault. With the SERENITY Cargo Value Guarantee, we bring peace of mind to your shipping experience providing a full cargo value guarantee, door to door, with a single point of contact, no endless legal disputes, and full cover no matter whether your goods are standard or refrigerated.

Caring Beyond Shipping

The SERENITY Cargo Value Guarantee is a revolutionary approach to handling claims in case of damage to your cargo. Unlike the standard practice which can involve time consuming investigations and the possibility of a claim rejection, SERENITY Cargo Value Guarantee ensures that no matter what happens or who is liable, you will receive compensation for the value of your cargo.


There are four key benefits to the SERENITY Cargo Value Guarantee. These are:

  • Route

    Your cargo value guaranteed door to door

    From the moment your cargo leaves the depot to the moment it arrives at the final destination, your cargo is covered by the Guarantee. This makes managing your supply chain easier and more cost effective, even with merchant haulage.

  • Agreement

    A single point of contact

    Without the stress of intermediaries, you can focus your attention on one point of contact whilst pursuing your claim, helping you stay in control at all times.

  • Serenity

    No more endless legal disputes

    Regardless of the liability, your cargo is covered up to the full secured value of the container. No more chasing various parties for statements and proof, the Guarantee takes all that stress away.

  • Container Transfer

    The most comprehensive guarantee

    The Guarantee covers all types of cargo, even refrigerated containers, in case of temperature variations and force majeure. No matter what you're moving, we've got it covered.

How does it work ?

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