Containers on a train

Rail Services

Containerships rail services connect inland destinations in the most efficient and direct way.

Moving cargo by rail is a fast, direct, and efficient way of connecting the road and sea legs of a journey. Large amounts can be moved over long distances without the usual congestion associated with roads, making rail a significantly better choice for the environment. At Containerships, we make positive use of rail networks across Europe, enabling us to move cargo quickly between inland rail hubs and coastal ports as part of a truly multimodal service.


When moving your cargo by container, you open up the possibility to make use of rail services for parts of the journey. Rail services offer a number of key benefits compared to shipping by truck alone, including:

  • Route

    Direct and Reliable

    Train services operate primarily between core distribution and transport hubs and offer a reliable service

  • Ecocalc

    Environmentally Better

    When not powered by electricity, trains are still better for the environment due to moving more cargo with less resources

  • Congestion

    Reduce Road Congestion

    Block trains can remove as many as 100 trucks from the road at a time, making roads safer and less congested for other road users

Rail Services Across Europe

Containerships currently operates between 60 and 70 block trains per week through the main Spanish corridors. This service provides multimodal transport to the main distribution centres of the peninsula, via the ports of Bilbao and Seville. The other routes include: 

  • Scandinavian rail network: Weekly departures from Helsingborg Port connecting Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Gävle, Norrköping, Uddevalla, Västerås and Hallsberg 
  • French rail network: CMA CGM France Inland Network offers its customers inland solutions 

  • Belarus – Klaipeda Service: Several weekly departures providing fast lead time with no queues at the border. Possibility to accommodate higher payload in comparison to road transport 

  • Poland rail service: Up to six weekly connections between Gdynia and inland rail terminals via dedicated Containerships trains, as well as utilisation of various commercially available rail connections in Poland, ensuring broad and frequent connections 

  • Ukraine – Klaipeda service: 150 leased railway platforms dedicated to Containerships

Additional rail services: 

  • Italy to Rotterdam and Lübeck

  • Teesport to Doncaster and to Scotland 

  • St. Petersburg to Moscow