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Rail Schedule

Rail is the third pillar in our multimodal offering alongside road and sea. It plays a vital part in our portfolio for the efficiency with which it moves large amounts of cargo across land. Our extensive rail services run all across Europe and are an excellent median transportation method where cargo travels from deep inland before sailing from the coast. Train lines often go direct to the quay enabling trucks to be put to better use completing shorter journeys.

The long-distance choice for inland transportation

Trains provide an incredibly effective and reliable method of moving large amounts of cargo across vast swathes of land. Containerships runs some of its own services in partnership with CMA CGM, and has collaborations with local rail services in a whole host of other countries. Trains are reliable due to the lack of traffic they have to face and weather is rarely an issue, making them an integral part of our service offering. They are best used when inland cargo is transferred from a truck at a depot and the train moves the cargo to the quay for the sea leg of the journey.

Our rail schedules are optimised to give a frequent and reliable service in each country that we operate them, so check them out to see what fits for you.