One of our Baltic routes connecting eastern Europe and Scandinavia with Rotterdam and Teesport.


Key Facts

  • Direct and frequent sailings connecting the Baltic States, Poland, Russia, Finland and UK
  • The most competitive transit times to Russia with 3 direct weekly sailings from Teesport and Rotterdam to St. Petersburg
  • Multimodal train connections in Poland ensuring most environmentally friendly transport solution on this corridor
  • 3 weekly departures throughout the week from Finland to Teesport and Rotterdam allows for comprehensive coverage for exports
  • Rotterdam as a centralised hub offers transshipment possibilities to various markets throughout Europe & Iberia
  • Full logistic coverage of United Kingdom with entry ports both in South and North.
  • 2 weekly sailings to Teesport with departures on Thursday and Saturday
  • 3 weekly sailings to Tilbury with departures on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Port of Call Departures
Helsinki Monday
Tallinn Tuesday
Riga Wednesday
Teesport Saturday
Rotterdam Sunday
St. Petersburg Friday
Helsinki Saturday
Klaipeda Sunday
Teesport Wednesday
Rotterdam Friday

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