Take control of your environmental performance with ACT with CMA CGM+

May 14, 2021

Launched in November 2020, the ACT with CMA CGM+ range of value-added services allows you to take control of your environmental performance by reducing the impact of your shipments.

  • A complete range of value-added services allowing you to analyse, reduce, and offset the environmental impact of your shipments
  • Available for all your shipments worldwide
  • Thousands of clients convinced since launch

A comprehensive range of solutions allowing you to analyse, reduce, and offset your environmental impact

Faced with the climate emergency and high consumer demand, you are looking for transportation solutions with lower carbon emissions. With ACT with CMA CGM+, you can now achieve your objectives for reducing carbon dioxide emissions on your shipping and offer your customers products with a lower environmental impact.

To do this, several value-added services are available as part of the ACT with CMA CGM+ range:



Manage your emissions Protect public health and the environment by using CLEANER ENERGY LNG. This service eliminates almost all air pollutants. It also helps to reduce well-to-wake carbon dioxide emissions by 15%.



Choose the lowest carbon intensive energy available Access more sustainable shipping with our second-generation biofuel and reduce carbon emissions generated by your shipments by at least 85%.



Regulate your environmental performance Receive Gold Standard or VCS carbon credits by offsetting your residual carbon footprint. Create a long-term positive impact for local communities by means of socio-environmental projects.

Available for all your shipments worldwide

ACT with CMA CGM+ is available for all your shipments, on all trade routes and offered by all our shipping subsidiaries.

How are we able to offer CLEANER ENERGY biofuel and CLEANER ENERGY LNG for all your shipments, while just some of the Group’s ships are currently powered by biofuel or LNG? Thanks to the Mass Balance Concept!

The Mass Balance Concept is a solution that makes it possible to use several types of energy within the ship fleet and attribute them to different shipments, up to the quantities actually used. This means you can choose the type of energy attributed to you, regardless of which ship is carrying your goods. This facilitates the transition of shipping to more environmentally friendly fuels and helps to develop use of these fuel alternatives.

Watch this educational video and learn how the mass balance concept works in two minutes.

Thousands of customers convinced by ACT with CMA CGM+ since launch

Six months after the high value-added range was launched, thousands of customers have been convinced and reduced the environmental impact of their shipments.

Take a look at the testimony from Tigernuts Traders, which has chosen CLEANER ENERGY biofuel, reducing emissions related to the shipping of its organic tiger nuts between Cotonou (Benin) and Valencia (Spain) by 85%.

You can also take control of your environmental performance with ACT with CMA CGM+.

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