One size does not always fit all

April 23, 2020

Find out all about how Containerships moves your out of gauge cargo.

Moving Your Out of Gauge Cargo

It is perfect when the goods fit nicely into a container. However, we are aware that occasionally your cargo may not fit into a standard container. This is why we offer our expertise and equipment to handle your out of gauge cargo (OOG).

OOG is any cargo that can not be loaded into six-sided shipping containers simply by being too large. The term is a very loose classification of all cargo with dimensions beyond the maximum 40 HC container dimensions. That is a length beyond 12.05 meters – a width beyond 2.33 meters – or height beyond 2.59 meters.

Out of gauge truck at a mine

Out of Gauge Cargo Example:

  1. Loading of the 6 OTR (off the road) tyres in our 40ft container in Spain
  2. No reindeer were harmed in this operation. Photo courtesy of our driver en-route to the quarry in Sweden
  3. Waiting unloading of the OTR tyres from our truck to the dump truck
  4. Journey to the centre of the earth where the new OTR tyres will end up

In this case our customer requested a transportation of 6 OTR (off the road) dumper truck tyres out of Spain to a quarry site in Sweden. Our 40’ open top container offered the perfect solution. It measures 40’ x 8’ x 8’6” and has a maximum payload of up to 26.6 metric tonnes. This open top was suitable for the oversized cargo that exceeded the usual height of our regular containers but still fits within the weight limits. They are equipped with removable roof bows and tarpaulin covers and the cargo can easily be secured with lashing bars and bull rings.

The 40′ open top container was then loaded on our Ensemble vessel on the Scan Baltic Service with the final delivery to the quarry being made by truck.

Let our local specialists find the best solution to your out of cauge cargo. Contact our local office to learn more.