New Swedish Rail Service between Helsingborg and Mälardalen

May 5, 2021

Containerships is pleased to announce the launch of a new Swedish Rail Service. Running between Helsingborg and Mälardalen, the new rail connection offers customers a sustainable and efficient cargo transport option across the country.

With reliable lead times to Gävle, Goteborg, Norrköping, Eskilstuna, and Stockholm, the route expands Containerships’ portfolio of rail services across Europe and supports our commitment to developing and providing sustainable solutions that help advance the energy transition of the transport industry.and helps contribute to an unrivalled sustainable solution

Key Facts include:

  • Reliable service between Helsingborg and Mälardalen
  • Intermodel access connecting inland locations with Swedish ports
  • The most sustainable cargo transport solution within Sweden
Swedish Rail Service

For more information on the new Swedish Rail Service, visit our rail schedule page, or contact your local Containerships commercial representative. Alternatively, you can send inquiries to