SERENITY deductible

Containerships launches SERENITY deductible guarantee, a high value-added solution to meet specific customer needs

July 2, 2021

SERENITY deductible guarantee: a new solution that can be combined with a cargo insurance to receive full compensation.

A guarantee to get a full compensation

SERENITY deductible guarantee is a solution for the Containerships’ clients that can be combined with a cargo insurance to get a reimbursement by Containerships of the deductible that remains normally at their expense in case of damage to their goods. The clients benefit from up to 100% compensation for minor damages (not compensated by their insurer) and a door-to-door guarantee for the full transportation phase*.

An additional solution to the SERENITY offer

The SERENITY offer provides solutions that simplify the process in case of unforeseen damage to their cargo. In addition of SERENITY deductible guarantee, the offer includes:

  • SERENITY cargo value guarantee which allows a quick compensation for clients whose goods may have been damaged or lost during transport and provides a refund of up to 100% of the real value of the goods in less than 30 days.
  • SERENITY container guarantee which offers a guarantee in case of accidental damage to the containers that the client would be liable for.

CMA CGM+: products tailored to specific needs  

CMA CGM+ offers a range of solutions that complement its conventional maritime transport and logistics services. The CMA CGM Group is able to provide customized solutions to meet all customer expectations: whether they wish to protect their cargo, grow their business or ACT towards carbon neutrality, CMA CGM+ is specifically designed to meet their needs.

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* According to the terms & conditions of Serenity Deductible Guarantee