CLEANER ENERGY biomethane: A new environmentally friendly value-added service exclusively for Containerships customers

May 19, 2021

A brand new value-added service, CLEANER ENERGY biomethane, is launched exclusively for Containerships customers. At the same time, the CLEANER ENERGY LNG product is enhanced for even lower CO2 emissions.

  • Introduction of CLEANER ENERGY biomethane product for Containerships customers
  • Enhancements to the CLEANER ENERGY LNG solution
  • ACT with CMA CGM+, a complete range of high value-added services enabling customers to analyse, reduce, and offset the environmental footprint of the shipment of their goods.

On April 8, 2021, Rodolphe Saadé, CMA CGM Group Chairman and CEO, announced in his address to the United Nations Global Compact the support of the production of 12,000 tonnes of biomethane (equivalent to one-year’s consumption of two of our LNG vessels operating on the BALT III route). Biomethane is a renewable green gas produced from sources including organic and plant waste from European agriculture that is processed at methanation facilities.

This investment in biomethane has enabled the launch of a brand new product, CLEANER ENERGY biomethane, and Containerships is proud to have been chosen to market this product exclusively to Containerships customers. With the addition of CLEANER ENERGY biomethane to the ACT with CMA CGM+ for Containerships range of value-added services, customers now have an even greater choice when looking to reduce the environmental impact.

In addition, the CLEANER ENERGY LNG product has also been significantly enhanced, with an even greater reduction in CO2 emissions than with the current product.

Two unrivalled market solutions to improve the environmental performance of Containerships customers

With the new CLEANER ENERGY biomethane solution, Containerships offers guarantee of origin biomethane to its customers. By adopting this solution, customers will be able to cut their CO2 emissions by at least 67% on a well-to-wake basis (full value chain) when shipping within Europe. Through the purchase of CLEANER ENERGY biomethane, customers will be supporting the development of this non-fossil energy and will receive an official certificate stating the quantity of biomethane allocated to the shipment of their goods and the corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions. The entire system complies with ISO 14020, 14021, and 14067 standards and is certified by an independent body.

CLEANER ENERGY LNG has been available to Containerships customers since November 2020 and will see its share of biomethane increase, which enables an improvement in the reduction of CO2 emissions to 25% on a well-to-wake basis, compared to the current 15% reduction. At current technology levels, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the best solution available for reducing the carbon footprint of the shipping industry and preserving air quality. Containerships currently operates five LNG-powered vessels in Europe, with the sixth, CONTAINERSHIPS STELLAR, due to join the fleet in June.

ACT with CMA CGM+: Five services supporting the energy transition of Containerships customers

ACT with CMA CGM+, a range of high value-added services launched by the CMA CGM Group in November 2020 and available to Containerships customers, consists of five services enabling Containerships customers to analyse, reduce, and offset the environmental footprint of the shipment of their goods. This unmatched offering is an ideal solution helping them to make their shipments carbon-neutral through the use of cleaner alternative energies, such as biofuel, LNG, and now biomethane.

Jesper Stenbak, CEO, Containerships, adds: “Containerships, as the leader in intra-European multimodal and sustainable transport in the CMA CGM Group, is delighted to have been chosen to exclusively market the CLEANER ENERGY biomethane product. As of today, our customers will be able to select biomethane via the ACT with CMA CGM+ range of services, paving the way for substantial reductions in the environmental impact of the shipment of their goods.”

For more information about ACT with CMA CGM+ for Containerships and biomethane with a guarantee of origin, click below