Price of the Automotive Gas Oil in the EU countries ( in the previous four weeks has been on average € 1,33 per litre. Based on the IFS scale for 2020 (on below), IFS will be 0,12 €/km in March.

The IFS does not apply to haulage done in Russia.

The IFS is based on the kilometre distance between the loading and discharging places and the port of loading and port of discharge.

IFS adjustments will be calculated on a monthly basis. The IFS is calculated and communicated every month on Containerships webpage based on the Gasoil price fluctuation during the previous month.

The IFS scale for 2020 is as follows:

The IFS is calculated as follows:

[(one-way km loading place to Port of Loading) + (one-way km from Port of Discharge to unloading place)] X surcharge per km valid at the time of shipment]

Would you have any question regarding this surcharge, please do not hesitate to contact your local Containerships commercial counterpart.

The latest IFS and other surcharge updates are published also on Containerships’ home page

Basic freight tariff guideline as well as other Bunker related surcharges, THC (Origin and Destination), Peak season charges and similar charges and Safety and Security-related surcharges may also apply and are accessible at the same link.