What are sensitive or dangerous goods ? They are articles or materials that have to be transported and/or handled according to very specific regulations. These are every day’s life products such as paint, battery, leather, alcohol and sometimes explosives like fireworks.

Every day, a wide variety of dangerous goods are being transported across the globe, the majority of which (80%) are for industrial use. Containers on vessels that are at sea for several weeks are subject to movement and constant changes in temperature, which is why safety provisions have to be in place.

Containerships as part of the CMA CGM group are rigorous in our approach to safety and security, providing solutions adapted to the type of goods being transported. The Group complies with regulations and strict benchmarks (ISM Code, SOLAS Regulation, MARPOL Convention, French Vessel safety rules, International Maritime Organisation, etc.) ensuring optimum conditions for the goods carried, the people involved and the environment.

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