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You work hard to create the finest, freshest, tastiest produce available, and the last thing you need is for all that hard work to be tainted as it makes its way to the supermarket. That's where CONTAINER Grade Selection comes in. The perfect container for your purpose, ideal conditions, no contaminants.


Food grade containers

Your produce matters. The unique taste, the unique smell, the unique look, is what marks you out and brings customers back again and again. Transporting your goods in the wrong container can ruin that before it ever makes it into their hands, which is why we've introduced CONTAINER Grade Selection. CONTAINER Grade Selection ensures you get the quality of container that you choose, ensuring your cargo is well preserved.

Special containers for special products banner

Special containers for special products

These are high quality containers which are both lighter and water resistant compared to standard containers. Importantly, they don’t have a strong scent, are condensation free, and have no transferable floor stains, ensuring your cargo arrives exactly as it was intended to.

Key Selling Points

  • No strong or harmful scent. Residue-free in the interior
  • Dry and condensation free in the floor, roof, and side panels
  • Light and water resistant
  • No transferable floor stains, no concentrated rust spots
  • Nail free and no steel patches

Get Started

Ask for the CONTAINER Grade Selection during the online booking process or contact your usual sales representative.