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CMA CGM+ is a package of products created to ease the burden on your business caused by accidents, mishaps, and poor environments. It is expanded by the ACT with CMA CGM+ range of products designed to analyse, reduce, and offset the emissions associated with your cargo.

Great products to keep business moving

Nobody wants accidents to happen but it's often wise to protect yourself in case something does. With the CMA CGM+ SERENITY suite of products, you can ensure that your cargo and container are covered in the event of an incident, whether you are liable or not, ensuring you get full value for your damaged cargo and minimal disruption if something should happen to your container.

In addition, we offer the CONTAINER Grade Selection service, designed to ensure your product gets the transportation it deserves and the most suitable environment for its journey. 

Read a bit more about the products below:

Going Green was never easier

With ACT with CMA CGM+ for Containerships, it's never been easier to move your cargo in the most efficient way possible. A range of three products, with more in the pipeline, gives you the option of analysing, reducing, and even offsetting all the carbon emissions associated with the shipment of your cargo. Not only are the products convenient to use and simple to add to your booking, but they're far more affordable than you might imagine, allowing you to display your business' green credentials for the world to see.