Reduce your carbon emissions by 67%

  • Checklist green

    Meet your carbon reduction objectives

    Cut your carbon emissions by up to 88% Tank-to-Wake (when considering only the vessel voyage) and 67% Well-to-Wake (on the whole fuel production and utilisation cycle).

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    Receive an official declaration

    Get an official declaration that guarantees that the CO2e savings associated with your specific shipments. The whole framework is compliant with ISO 14020, 14021 and 14067 and is verified by an independent third-party.

  • Eco - green

    Take part in the energy transition

    Support the development of a new supply of renewable energy with guarantee-of-origin biomethane, and be part of a solution that benefits the European agricultural sector through the circular economy.

How does it work?

When choosing Biomethane+, you will receive an official declaration stating the quantity of biomethane allocated to your shipments and its associated CO2e savings.
* The whole methodology is detailed in a framework available upon request.

What is Biomethane?

Biomethane is a renewable green gas produced in part by the methanation of European-sourced organic and plant waste.



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