Key Facts

  • Direct and multiple weekly fixed sailings connecting the Baltic States, Ukraine,  Poland, Russia and Finland to the UK
  • The most competitive transit times to Russia with 3 direct weekly sailings from Teesport and Rotterdam to Saint Petersburg
  • Multimodal train connections in Poland ensuring most environmental friendly transport solution on this corridor
  • 3x weekly departures throughout the week from Finland to Teesport and Rotterdam allows for comprehensive coverage for exports
  • Rotterdam as a centralised hub offers trans-shipment possibilities to various markets throughout Europe & Iberia
  • Full logistic coverage of United Kingdom with entry ports both in South and North
  • 5 weekly sailings from Poland to Great Britain with perfect spread, ensuring most competitive transit times from Poland to Great Britain
    • 3 weekly sailings to Teesport with departures on Monday, Thursday and Saturday
    • 2 weekly sailings to Tilbury with departures on Thursday and Saturday