ACT with CMA CGM+ is a range of services that enables customers to analyse, reduce, and offset the environmental impact of shipping their goods. With the CLEANER ENERGY products, customers can reduce greenhouse gases by 15-85%. With the POSITIVE OFFSET product, they can eliminate the remaining emissions by offsetting with socio-environmental projects worldwide.

CLEANER ENERGY LNG and CLEANER ENERGY biofuel: Transporting goods using more sustainable fuels

Five vessels in the Containerships fleet are now LNG-powered with a sixth due to arrive in mid-2021. Thanks to CLEANER ENERGY LNG, customers will be able to transport the sea leg of their journey using LNG or, in the absence of an LNG vessel on the route it takes, offset their emissions to LNG levels with the purchase of LNG credits. Use of LNG technology helps to significantly reduce harmful emissions including up to 99% of Sulphur (SOx) emissions, 92% of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, and 91% of suspended particles (PM10). CO2 emissions can be reduced by 15% Well-to-Wake (including fuel production and utilisation cycle) and up to 23% on Tank-to-Wake (from the moment it is used on the vessel).

Alternatively, customers can select CLEANER ENERGY biofuel which allows customers to choose biofuel generated from used cooking oil to power the sea leg of their container’s journey. Biofuel cuts Well-to-Wake emissions by up to 85%, and Tank-to-Wake by up to 100%.

Customers will receive an official declaration with both products that certifies the savings associated with your specific shipment, and the framework is compliant with ISO 14020, 14021, and 14067.

For more information on the CLEANER ENERGY solutions, please contact your local Containerships representative or check out CMA CGM’s product pages below.

ECO MONITOR and POSITIVE OFFSET: Tools to analyse and offset your environmental footprint

Customers purchasing POSITIVE OFFSET will receive a Carbon Credit Certificate for the amount of CO2 that has been compensated for, as well as a Contribution Certificate that shows the positive impact made with the local communities.

For more information, speak to your local Containerships representative or visit the POSITIVE OFFSET page from CMA CGM.

With ECO MONITOR, customers can keep track of their environmental footprint in real time, enabling them to take more targeted action on their shipments. This service will be rolled out in 2021.